Organic Search Analysis Dashboard

Sometimes you may find yourself in the situation when it is not clear what to concentrate your marketing efforts on;

when you believe that your content should be breathtaking for your audience but it is not;

when you feel there are plenty opportunities your competitors use and organically receive outstanding business results.

So you naturally want to get more insightful information about all these areas.

If that sounds interesting to you simply contact me and request your Organic Search Analysis Dashboard or ask questions about it.

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If you want to play with a sample version of such a dashboard, here it is…

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Rapid Prototyping

A. Specify user roles, user stories and interaction map
B. Define functional modules and pages
C. Prepare a structure of a User Interface

Project Management

A. Prepare a working plan, set priorities
B. Assign responsible people and set accountability metrics
C. Set tools and rules
for effective execution

Product Ideation

A. Choose the best architecture for the digital solution
B. Design implementation of AI and machine learning tools
C. Choose technologies based on business vision